to the Plain Photography site which offers a myriad of unique photographs!

The idea has come from the notion that intrinsic, inner parts of us are more and more fading away, and artificial parts of who we are, or desire to be take stage instead. The latter is manifested in editing documented moments such as photographs.

All photographs on this page are unique, which means they have not been edited via any media or in any other way. The photographs represent a specific moment which existed at the time and which can never be repeated again. They also show individual’s perspective and their view of the world, the view which is coloured by their life. Even if some other individual documented the same moment at the same time, the moment would undoubtedly be different because each of us has a different perspective on the world. This reason shows that editing photographs is redundant.

Disclosed photographs are on sale and they are the only sample. Photographs are not sold again once they are bought, which means that you are the sole owner of the photograph you buy and you are entitled to most of the rights, excluding resale, copying or sharing (for more information, read the license terms). Once you buy a photograph, you have the exclusive right to the ownership (apart from the author).

Photographs come in the highest possible resolution of each captured moment. All are in RAW format, dimensions are 5184 × 3456, resolution is 240 dpi i and size is about 20-25 MB.

After the completed purchase of one or more photographs we send a link to your e-mail from which you can download the photograph(s) to your device.

Enjoy the moment!